CryptoPanic Alternative - CryptoViral

CryptoPanic has served its share in the crypto news aggregator game for a significant time. It assists in keeping you updated with the latest crypto happenings from around the world.

However, with the advancing times, CryptoViral has emerged as the best CryptoPanic alternative that has provided its users, crypto enthusiasts & serious crypto traders with the opportunity to gain a FREE 6 months premium membership for users who register before 31st December.

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Don't Engross In a Crypto Panic Atmosphere

There's no need for you to engross in a crypto panic atmosphere when you're reading the latest crypto news updates at the leading crypto news aggregator platform. We ensure that our readers are informed about the potential price fluctuations beforehand with the freshest updates, eliminating their chance to crypto panic, & assisting them in forming sound and timely crypto decisions.


How CryptoViral assists in crypto panic situations:

  1. Crypto news updated every few minutes
  2. Continous updates from Twitter & Reddit
  3. View crypto price fluctuations simultaneously


CryptoViral on being the best CryptoPanic Alternative

CryptoViral has successfully emerged as one of the topmost crypto news aggregators that provides its readers with the latest crypto-happenings from around the world at its one-stop-platform. Exceeding the services offered by CryptoPanic, CryptoViral, with its user-friendly schemes and layouts, has been able to create an inclusive crypto news platform for its users.


Why CryptoViral is the top CryptoPanic Alternative:

  1. Uses reliable sources for crypto news
  2. Allows users to vote Bearish, Bullish, or Flag
  3. Add altcoin of choice for tracking
  4. Has a lower subscription cost


CryptoViral - The Best CryptoPanic Alternative

These are the features which make CryptoViral the best crypto news aggregator platform for the crypto news from around the world:


1. Twitter and Reddit Updates

The majority of the crypto updates are shared on social media handles before news sources publish them. CryptoPanic provides its users with the opportunity to access to direct updates from Twitter and Reddit, which, however, is limited to Premium users.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, you gain access to Twitter & Reddit crypto updates for FREE.


2. Reliable Sources

CryptoPanic provides its users with the news from multiple trustworthy sources, but at the same time, it also supports the sponsored posts to pop up on the page. 

Whereas--> CryptoViral does not support sponsored posts or news pieces that aim to spread FUDs.  


3. Vote Bullish, Bearish or Flag

CryptoPanic allows its users to like or dislike a piece of news published on its crypto news aggregator platform. The report, information & blogs displayed on the platform can be voted bearish or bullish; however, you need to be a pro user to vote toxic. 

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, each and every user can vote Bullish, Bearish, or even flag a news piece as FUD. 


4. Track Preferred Cryptocurrency

CryptoPanic allows you to keep track of the coin of your choice. Type in the name of the coin in the search bar, and you'll gain access to all the latest updates on that particular cryptocurrency.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, you can even add an ALtcoin of your choice to the list of cryptocurrencies being tracked in real-time.



5. CryptoPanic Subscription Cost

CryptoPanic charges a $99 annual fee from its users to go pro. By gaining the CryptoPanic subscription, you gain access to its exclusive features like Twitter & Reddit updates and an opportunity to vote FUD content toxic.

Whereas--> With CryptoViral, you can gain access to the same PRO features for FREE.


Overall, CryptoViral serves as the perfect and the most efficient crypto news aggregator & bitcoin news aggregator platform that gives exclusive access to its users through various features, that come at a price at CryptoPanic.