CryptoViral - CryptoCompare Alternative

CryptoCompare is a leading global cryptocurrency market data provider that lists real-time information of over 5,300 coins and over 240,000 currency pairs. While the primary purpose of the platform is to provide users with a real-time change in the price and value of cryptocurrencies, it also offers blogs and articles explaining the fundamental concepts behind the blockchain.

However, if you are on a lookout for an exclusive crypto news aggregator platform that provides it's users with the latest updates on the news related to all the crypto happenings from around the world from multiple sources, in addition to providing the live price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, CryptoViral is the ideal CryptoCompare alternative for you.


Why CryptoViral is the Best CryptoCompare Alternative?

Several reasons make CryptoViral the perfect platform for gaining access to the latest updates on cryptocurrency happenings worldwide and a better alternative to CryptoCompare:


1. Track AltCoin of Your Choice

At CryptoCompare, you're provided with a list of the top cryptocurrencies in the market on the homepage to keep track of. You are required to scroll through the list to find your preferred cryptocurrency, which often consumes a lot of time.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, you can add the Altcoin of your choice to the list, whenever you want, helping maintain exclusivity.


2. Make Timely Market Predictions 

CryptoCompare provides its users with the latest news and updates about crypto events from around the world. It also offers its users with guided articles about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, you're provided with all the latest bitcoin news and updates, extracted from trusted sources. This allows you to take instant, sound, and timely trading decisions before the price fluctuates.


3. Twitter and Reddit Updates

It takes time for the news sources to publish articles about the latest crypto events. However, with Twitter and Reddit updates, you gain access to the real-time live updates about crypto happenings within seconds. This feature is not present in CryptoCompare.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, not only do you get the latest updates from multiple news sources, but you also gain instant crypto updates from Twitter & Reddit simultaneously. 


4. Vote or Flag Content

CryptoCompare allows its users to like or dislike the news displayed on the news section of its platform. This helps other users going through the same news feed in realizing, which crypto update is worth reading, and which is highly disliked by other users with similar interests. 

Whereas--> CryptoViral allows all its users, pro or not, to vote Bullish, Bearish, or Flag the piece of news on its platform. Once the news is Flagged more than five times, it is removed from the platform. 


5. Get Real-Time Notifications

At CryptoCompare, you can only gain access to the news and other figures once you've opened the website on the screen. If you're a serious crypto trader, missing out on any vital crypto news is not an option.

Whereas--> CryptoViral allows its users to gain real-time Bitcoin news updates in your email about their desired cryptocurrencies, making it much convenient to stay updated 24x7.


Overall, while CryptoCompare has established a fantastic platform for its users to keep track of the cryptocurrencies according to market fluctuations, CryptoViral serves as the best alternative, especially for individuals looking more towards the Bitcoin news and updates side.