CoinGecko Alternative - CryptoViral

CoinGecko is one of the biggest coin market ranking chart app that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, community, and liquidity. The platform also serves as a great crypto news aggregator platform for crypto traders looking to gain constant info on cryptocurrencies.

However, if you are looking for an exclusive crypto news aggregator platform devoted to the latest updates and news on crypto-related happenings around the world, CryptoViral is the perfect CoinGecko alternative for you.

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CryptoViral- The Best CoinGecko Alternative

These are the elements that make CryptoViral the best crypto news aggregator and a better news alternative to CoinGecko:


1. Multiple Sources-One Platform

CryptoViral accumulates the latest crypto-related news from multiple sources at its platform. CoinGecko, not serving particularly to crypto news readers, has limited sources on its platform.

Whereas--> CryptoViral has partnered with the top and the most trustworthy crypto news sources to provide you with the latest updates & news from around the world.


2. Twitter & Reddit Updates

CoinGecko doesn't provide with any latest crypto updates from social media handles. According to various researches, the latest updates are always posted first on social media like Twitter & Reddit and are then published by news firms.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, you have a section of the webpage specially dedicated to the latest crypto updates from Twitter & Reddit.


3. Vote Bullish, Bearish or Flag

Being a major coin market charting app, CoinGecko's primary focus is not on a reader's satisfaction in terms of the information read. It is just an additional feature of the platform, where you can only read the latest crypto news without voting for it.

Whereas--> At CryptoViral, every user can vote Bullish, Bearish, or even flag a news piece as FUD.


4. Turn off/on sources of your choice.

CoinGecko displays the latest updates it gets from its crypto news sources on its platform. You cannot turn off/on the sources you don't want to receive crypto data from.

Whereas--> CryptoViral allows you to customize your preferred news sources and turn them on/off from the platform.


5. Get notified in real-time

At CoinGecko, you only read news once you open the crypto platform on your screen and run through its news section. It doesn't give you an option to stay updated or get notified in real-time.

Whereas--> CrytoViral allows you to get real-time crypto news updates in your email about the preferred cryptocurrencies.


All in all, CryptoViral serves as an excellent and even better crypto news aggregator platform and a perfect alternative to CoinGecko that provides its users with the latest crypto updates from every possible source at one space.