Advertise on Crypto Viral

CryptoViral offers its partners and collaborators with two advertisement options to pick from. Select the best advertisement offer for you and get ready to upscale your crypto game within the community.


Pick Your Advertisement Type

1. Half Banner Advertisement (Top)

The first ad placement great ad placement offered by CryptoViral is located on the top-left corner of the page, right above the crypto news and beside the Cryptoviral logo. While viewing the platform, a user uses a left to right gaze while viewing the page. 

Advertising at this spot can help you gather potential customers with an average 0.5-second gaze as the mini leaderboard ad would be the first thing the readers notice when a website loads.


Why use Half Banner Ads:

  1. Add up to two lines of text plus the image
  2. It spreads over a wide area
  3. Great for informative ads
  4. First-viewer advantage


2. Small Rectangle Advertisement (Bottom)

Another excellent advertisement placement offered by CryptoViral is that of Small Rectangle Advertisement located on the bottom-right corner of the homepage. The audience tends to be more leaned towards viewing crypto updates directly from the site's Twitter & Reddit feed with continuous scrolling motion. 

The Small Rectangle Ad, placed right next to the Reddit & Twitter box, serves as an ideal interactive space for ads. The ad placement also holds an excellent impression rate.


Why use Small Rectangle Ads:

  1. Great for graphic ads
  2. Perfect for gathering potential customer views
  3. Add an image for ad



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